среда, 11. мај 2011.

Express Yourself

Maybe you thought: "Oooh, the title is simple, this is gonna be smart", but I don't know what you thought, I just know that this post is gonna be about what everything (just stuff) means to me, and what it is...

Do you know that feeling, like,  you're complete, like, when you lose yourself, it, somehow, someway, feels right? To many people art is that, a place where you can be anybody/anything you want to be. To some artists, art is just a way to make money, but to some it's everything, a way of life, life, it's, to them, them. I think that people get to express themselves, anyway. If that is, writing, drawing, painting, singing, creating stuff, even doing MATH, it just fulfills them. It makes them feel alive. Do you ever think, maybe Einstein never thought of what he was doing, maybe he just discovered new stuff, and maybe Beethoven, never looked at those notes, maybe he just played something that came to him and wrote it down. I know these are silly examples, but, maybe it was that way.
I know, that, I say and people say, that I am artistic, but the drawing tip, but it doesn't fulfill me, I like to sing (quietly), and I don't know why, I can't do it in front of people, I just do it alone. So, my advice to you is: If you can't do it in front of an audience, do it the way you can, but just do it, just express yourself!
Live life fully, and do what you want, need, and have to do.
Than again, it's your life, do with that what you will.
                                                                                                             No goodbyes,

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